Ankita Sharma_IITJ.jpg

Dr. Ankita Sharma

Associate Professor (Psychology)
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur

Ankita Sharma is broadly interested in the Psychology of excellence and well-being. Her doctoral work was on ‘Relationship of subjective change in cognitive, emotional, social and activity aspects with subjective well-being in normal elderly with a specific focus on Moderating role of Wisdom’. Currently, she is continuing her work on optimal human functioning on 3 dimensions:


  • Cognitive Functioning and Psychological Tendencies,

  • Skills, ability, and well-being management in personal, educational, and organization context

  • Psycho-physical intervention


The unifying thread along these 3 dimensions of work is the concept of ‘Optimal Human Functioning’ and the working definition considered for it is  ‘taking the individual to the next from current level’. The current topic of interest is Wisdom, Decision Making, and Social Cognition.